Set up Your Own Private Minecraft Server – Technology Magazine

An online virtual server (VPS) and running Ubuntu 14.10 64 bit or higher, Putty or Filezilla, Craftbukkit, Spigot or Spigot and Minecraft are required prior to when you are able to begin. Start by opening the VPS. After that, ensure there are all updates. If you are going to be storing files, be storing, set up the directory to your new server. Use Filezilla and find the server IP, and place it into the host field. Choose root as the username and type in the password you previously selected into the password field. You must always be sure to trust the server. Choose OK. Use Spigot or Crafbukkit to drag and drop the file into your Minecraft server folder within Filezilla. It may take some time to upload. After it has finished uploading you can go back to Putty. Then rename the folder on your VPS that the files resided with the exact name as the folder that was dropped in the Minecraft directory on Filezilla. Start the server. The EULA acceptance message will start to populate. Navigate to Filezilla. Close the application. Refresh Filezilla. Open and read the EULA agreement. Modify the false tag , so that it’s accurate. The file is closed. Go back to Putty. Use the up arrow key. Press the key. As the server starts up it’ll be able to create a region. Then, you will have to enter the address of the server or the port number you’re connecting to. Create a server account. pavu98gcxp.

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