5 Government Relations Mistakes to Avoid – America Speak On


If you are dealing with federal government relations, try to stay clear of these common mistakes outlined in this video.

1. The Desired Outcome isn’t possible
The basics of lobbying is essential for being an effective lobbyist. In addition, you have to be able to clearly define the scope of your goal and desired outcomes. Lobbyists that fail do not know all the details of federal government.
2. Inadequacy of Urgency
It is possible for the tides to change quickly in the realm of government. It is essential to take action immediately on all aspects of your lobbying efforts. This is where lobbying firms can prove to be more helpful because they’ve more experience in anticipating and navigating the modifications.
3. Complex presentation
As a lobbyist should be aware of the schedule of your target audience and how busy they are. Because they work on many tasks at the same time, several official meetings could be held back-to-back. To prevent confusion and offer your cause the ideal conditions for success, make sure that you are presenting a clear picture of the problem and solution.
4. A miscommunication
It is important to identify the audience and devise communication strategies that are appealing to them.
5. Undervaluing Marketing
Don’t overlook marketing techniques to extend your lobbying reach beyond meetings and written correspondence.

No matter if you’re new to federal government relations , or are an experienced veteran, here are five excellent tips to remember.

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