Installing a Pellet Stove – Home Efficiency Tips

The wall extends up over the eaves of the home.
First, you need be able to establish the direction of the vent before doing anything. Most people route vents through the walls of the ceiling or outside. In this instance it is possible to hire an expert roofer to put in an approved roof jack that is code-compliant through that pipe. Make sure the jack is properly placed and flashed in order to avoid any leaks.

When putting the stove in the pad needs to be carried out taking into consideration the appropriate distances to combustible surfaces. If you lay concrete backer boards, and then covering them with tiles, or placing a huge stone slab, you can create your own floor pad.

Use a knife or jabsaw to cut into the interior of drywall. Next, use an reciprocating saw (or a jigsaw) to cut through outside siding. Through the hole, put in an thimble for venting. Connect a three-inch double-walled ventilation pipe to the stove and run it through the thimble to the outside.

For ash removal, install a cleanout vent pipe and an elbow. This will enable the vents to turn horizontally as it extends over the eaves. Put on a raincap and join the vent with the eave with an elastic strap. Connect the stove to with the strap then include wood pellets.

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