What Can You Expect From Your Reroofing Project – DIY Projects for Home

The video provides the steps to rebuild your roof.
There is a need for all the necessary equipment needed for this DIY project safety eyewear, gloves and knee pads and a plastic wrap with cement tape measure, tape, stapler; roofing nails that have razor blades air compressor and the water hose, roofing papers. In order to ensure your siding is not damaged, the initial step of the method is to tear off any old roofing shingles.
Clean up your roof after removing all the shingles. The next step is installation of roofing felt. To do this , measure from the roof’s end towards the house. Find the measurement and then cut two pieces straight wood. Next, you need to staple it to the substrate using staple guns. Make sure the felt is properly adhered onto the substrate.
In the next step, lay the shingles. This is done using three tiered standard shingle. Put the top row of shingles upside down and connect another one to it. This method ensures weatherproofing and stability . If you would like to keep the process going of reroofing without any help from roof company, watch the video until the very end. hbcpyg1fpk.

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