How to Install An Irrigation System for Your Garden – Outdoor Family Portraits

garden irrigation system

A 20mm underground PVC pipe which was connected to the gardens was installed. It also had an isolation valve that could be used to control water flow. Each garden bed comes with a header line that runs across the over the.

Split the header line in four 30cm lengths with tape measures for the measure. To secure the initial connector with a T with the isolation valve make use of a shorter piece with a distance of 10-15 centimeters from the edge of the bed.

For joining the first four elements, connect them using a connector. Prior to placing the pipe on top of the connectors soak the pipe in warm water. For the purpose of securing the pipe, put clamps made of plastic on one end of connector. Connect the drain line to the previous one using an ‘L’-shaped’ connector

Cut the driplines in 3m (or shorter, depending on how long the bed is) and attach them to the T connectors. Stoppers are a good option or other isolation valves that lock off the ends so they can be flushed out on occasion, but you may also want to employ stoppers to seal the ends. gsunwydh1w.

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