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Metal roofing was used since the beginning of time. Copper roofs were used to construct gothic cathedrals, aluminum roofing was popular in the 1800s, and even more roofing made of metal was used to create factories and bunkers in WWII in the United States.

Until the 1600s, metal sheets had to be heated and shaped by hands. Tinplate was eventually exported from Wales. Tin was used in several historic places, like for instance the Pennsylvania Independence House or Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello house.

Even though corragated metallics were developed around the time, it was not until later in the American Civil War that tin roofing materials could be introduced to the United States. However, the first Tin roofing was made up comprised of lead. It was then constructed into shingles, which were fastened to the roof. This contrasts with the metal sheets we use today.

Corragated roofing was used in areas due to its ability to ward off fire and minimal maintenance. Metal roofing is a modern alternative that has the same advantages, but with higher-tech features.

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