Hoverboard Explodes in Familys House – Entertainment News Today

The most popular toy of the past few years. They don’t actually hover. However, they do appear to be able to defy gravity due to the ability to be fixed by the wheels. Hoverboards are not just entertaining. Many have been recalled for defective batteries, which may even explode when overcharged. In this video you can watch a hoverboard explode within the house of a family. Luckily, nobody was hurt. Please contact an attorney immediately in the event that you’ve been injured while riding your hoverboard.

In the video below, you see the hoverboard start to pour out black smoke. The hoverboard’s lights come on, a child starts to scream. It’s difficult for the mom to decide what to do. She takes out some oven gloves. He leaves his home. When he reaches the hoverboard, the device goes off. This sends the battery flying. The dog managed to make it out safely and his mother kept an eye on the dog. Dad descends from the upstairs to extinguish the flames by using a fire extinguisher. If the fire started while no one was around, it could have become an even bigger disaster.


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