Spend More Time With Your Family and Less Time on Plumbing Maintenance – Family Game Night

A leak may cause stinky sewers and damaged machines along with an increase in mold and rot if this is not dealt with. While it can be difficult to repair piping and fix leaks, these difficulties can create more of a headache when left unchecked. In reality, a leaky basement is one of the many problems that can consume your time and family for fixing. Contractors are one option. But, it might be the best option when you are in a tight budget. In this video, we will demonstrate how to identify piping which can be affordable as well as easy to put in.

You may be tempted to go with copper pipe. Copper pipe is the one your parents and you likely employed. Copper is currently also one of the more expensive options. Prices also tend to change and rise over time since copper is a scarce supply. Further, copper does not readily bend, which means that installation may require a lot of time.

An excellent alternative for copper. PEX pipe is installed quickly and is affordable to buy. It’s an excellent option for homes of all sizes.


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