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the deo begins by a man telling the audience that he’ll be discussing different doors and pricing.
An entry-level door for interior doorways is called a hollow wooden door. The cost is around $80 for an 8-foot door.
For added weight, a solid-core panel door with molding is packed with particleboard. If you want to buy this type of door, you’ll need fork out $150 for the six-foot-eight version, and $210 for an eight-foot version.
A MDF door can be found in various grades, but these doors generally cost about $300 to $400 for lower grades and $500-$600 to $600 for the higher grades.
A basic stain-grade entry door cost between $500 and $650. The average price is around $1000 or more for better-quality stain-grade doors.
In the case of a six-foot flash-metal door, the cost will be around $400. If you’re planning on buying a fiberglass doors then expect to pay about 550 dollars for a 6-foot-eight version or $900 for an eight-footer version.
Doors are charged when they are delivered doors by contractors to job sites with all the equipment required to put them up. o7qkz4ek2s.

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