You Wont Believe These Unusual Laws Exist – Entertainment News Today

oday. A few of these laws were remnants of the old. Others were born in unusual conditions. No matter what, there’s an undisputed fact that laws can be confusing sometimes. It is for this reason that you require an attorney who can represent you and your interests. In this clip there are a few young guys eager to explore these unusual laws. It will shock you to discover what the next step is going to bring.

There are many New Yorkers who enjoy a nice cold ice cream cone when it is hot. Do you realize that it’s not legal to carry an ice cream cone in your pocket in New York City? Most people wouldn’t attempt to make this mistake as the ice cream would quickly melt all over your wonderful shirt. The young guys in the video decided that they wanted to try to test the laws. The two young men stuffed an ice-cream cone in the pockets of their shirt and marched right past police officers. The good news is that there was no incident. It’s hard to imagine that police officers could ever attempt to enforce such laws. They’ve got more important tasks to complete.


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