7 Easy Weekend Brunch Recipes – Thursday Cooking

These are the best ideas you can come up with that day. These dishes will impress your guests with unique variations on traditional cinnamon rolls as well as delicious hashbrowns. We’ll tell you more.
This is the Twist of Cinnamon

Then, you’ll need two rolls of cinnamon roll dough . grasp each roll. The dough should appear like flatbread if you press it onto the top. Then, you can make cream cheese by mixing sugar, vanilla extract, and cinnamon. It is then frozen for some time.

After that, scoop out of the mixture then place it into the middle of the cinnamon flatbread and put the dough in a circle and wrap it around. Add another piece of dough over it to cover it completely. Bake for 20 minutes on an extremely high temperature, and you will have the best cinnamon “roll” and instead of being coated in the cream cheese, it will be covered in.

To see more delicious recipes, check out the rest of the video. Be sure to let us know how delicious the brunch you had was.


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