How Criminal Defense Attorneys Get Charges Dismissed – Media Content Lab

rt and try as much as you can to ensure you win the case in your favour. It is trying to convince the prosecutor that they do not have the evidence to support their claim beyond reasonable doubt. The prosecutor has to review your case using police reports and other sources before filing an action. An attorney for defense will go through all information to determine if there are any weaknesses in the prosecution. The defense attorney will highlight any flaws in the case of the prosecution to back up the charges.

If you have been convicted of a crime you might want to think about getting your criminal record erased. An expungement means that the documents that are associated with your conviction are removed from the public record. When a sentence is expunged it does not mean that you’re off the responsibility. You could be sentenced to prison for misdemeanors, felony or community service. Depending on the severity of the offense, you could even lose rights like voting or being elected to office. p2l5spn1jq.

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