10 Tips for Accepting Divorce and Moving On –

Finance, energy. It is difficult to pack a bag and leave. This is one reason why lawyers for divorce are required in order to speed up the process and make sure that both parties are provided with adequate representation.
Information on divorce statistics you need to know About

Based on the Washington State Department of Health which is a part of the Department of Health in Washington, the U.S. has the 6th highest divorce rate globally. Although there has been some reduction in the divorce rate among those aged 35 and over, it still remains at 41 percent. According to this study, 60 percent of second weddings while 70 percent of third-marriages lead to divorce. It also shows that women are experiencing a twice higher divorce rate in the past 60 years.

The study published by the Journal of Gerontology indicates that 25% of divorces occur from people who are 50 or over. An alarming statistic is that one divorce is reported almost every minute in U.S, and there are more than 172 divorces every two hours. Wilkinson and Finkbeiner are one of the leading law firms specializing in divorce and family issues for the US, carried out over 115 research on couples and found that most couples get married for only eight years. They also found that 60 percent of divorces are for people aged 25-30. The same statistics apply to couples who are married to each other. Just 1% of these couples go through divorce each year in a ratio of 3.1 for every 1000. The rate for straight couples is slightly higher. This is because the number of straight couples who have been married.

25 percent of divorces of couples with children younger than 10 are due to the parents. This figure shows how infant children are most affected by this process. The norm is for families to drag their kids along suffering through the process of watching the family break up. This is just a few of the surprising facts that many people ought to be aware. A variety of cultural and behavioral differences have been observed among different age groups. Incredibly, some studies suggest the percentage of divorce among people who are in their 50s is twice the rates of individuals aged between 25 and 32.


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