How Your Social Security Lawyer Gets Paid – Investment Video

in the form of back-pay in back pay owed to the claimant. The SSA covers the cost of the attorney’s fee through the claimant’s retroactive benefits. Claimants do not have to pay any fees. For retroactive benefits, the fee caps at 25%..

Social security lawyers may be paid in one of three ways. The first one is by hour. This means the lawyer is paid for every time they devote to the matter. Contingency fees are an alternative. You will get benefits and the lawyer will only be paid if your claim wins. Another option is the flat fee. They are paid the same amount, regardless of winning your case.

Additionally, think about the amount you will gain by winning the case. If it’s a small amount the cost of an hourly rate may not be worth the cost. But, if the value is large, Social security disability lawyers typically offer a 25% cost for contingency. It could be worthwhile to pay for because the lawyer is likely to receive a higher amount of the prize. Think about how solid your case. The possibility of negotiating a lower hourly fee with your lawyer when your case is strong.


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