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A dog could be great for health, as it lowers your triglyceride level. A study from the Harvard University Medical School found that owners of dogs have lower levels of triglycerides than those that don’t have dogs. What are triglycerides? Triglycerides is a form of fat found in blood. The majority of the time the BMI (body mass index) along with the food you eat can cause high cholesterol levels. However, having pets can reduce these levels.
A Dog Can Help Reduce Hypertension

A dog could help reduce the level of your hypertension. That’s a the fourth reason you should get one. Alongside strengthening your immune system it is also a way pets can benefit the health of your body by reducing hypertension. Researchers have found that dogs are more likely to have less blood pressure than those without them. The dog is believed to be calming and can lower hypertension.

A Dog Can Help Reduce PTSD

Another reason why dogs can be beneficial to your overall health and well-being is that it can help lower PTSD. Veterans with PTSD frequently find it difficult to go to mental health therapy due to the fact that they’re judged. Dogs, on one they are loyal and non-judgmental. The people feel more confident making a statement because dogs won’t reply verbally.

Sciencedirect.com has published a 2018 study that shows dogs are able to help trauma victims recover. Dogs that can serve as a service animal can assist in making PTSD easier for military personnel. The veterinarian medicine college of Purdue University found that ex-military personnel have better mental health as well as physically when they own the aid of a pet. In other words, when suffering from addiction, having a dog by their side can he


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