Big Tech Versus Anti-Trust – Madison County Library

Monopolies are the biggest evil and have kept us safe ever since. It’s even gotten a spot on the shelves next to many other board games that are loved by kids, for a child’s initial experience with the game. Right?

This is a more complex problem. With globalization of commerce this makes it much harder to determine whether a business is engaging in any of the actions that are punishable under the Sherman Antitrust Act. Presidents who exercise executive power to stop the ascendance of a baron to power is far from being a secretive matter than commercial. When it’s not proven to the written law the crime was committed, no action can be taken against the corporation.

The video shows a great case of law on securities and how it interacts with the outdated concept of an “monopoly”. The video features correspondents discussing the antitrust lawyer’s position as well as its revival after nearly a century. Tech barons are the new oil barons, as inferior manufacturing makes customers fall into a cycle of inferior products which are getting lower quality every year. People are finally asking themselves What if these businesses are large?


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