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The Site is being prepared

The initial step when remodeling your house is to prep the location. Preparing the site involves planning out the least disruptive entrance and exit routes for the numerous professionals who will be working in the project and putting into place the proper measures to making sure your house is protected during the course of work. Although the majority of remodeling projects don’t require you move out, some involve substantial square footage or a essential room, like the kitchen. The process of remodeling isn’t quite as simple or quick as you think. The process requires careful site preparation. In the case of remodeling projects lasting several months, a paper sheet or roll of tape won’t suffice.

Making sure your flooring is properly prepared is an excellent idea. You should not expose your carpet to traffic from construction. But, a carpet protector film could assist in protecting your carpet from all the particles and dirt that cause by the construction. The kind of carpet you have and how much protection you need will determine the extent to which a painter’s roll, or drop cloth can be used. A cardboard roll, or “ramboard” item, is used for hardwood floors to safeguard them over time. Tape down the ramboard, ensure with your contractor for the assurance that the adhesive will not cause harm to your floors and the finishing. Hardwood floors are not recommended using painter’s drops cloths as they can cause slippage.

If you’re living within your house while construction is taking place it is essential for your HVAC system to be functional during the duration of the work. Be sure to inform your contractor about any return air grilles in the zone of work. The dust can be stopped from entering the ductwork by covering it or prefilter. The current HVAC air filters need to be closed


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