Urgent Care Clinics Prescribing Unnecessary Antibiotics? – The Employer Store

S. However, the only problem, although you don’t see the issue as a problem, is that they are not mandated by the government as typical hospitals. In the end, urgent cares are prescribing unnecessary antibiotics. In this video, you watch a journalist for one of the health shows go to different urgent cares and easily get anti-biotics for an illness that she doesn’t possess. This is a problem that comes with numerous antibiotics. They can also be used to produce drugs. This is why it’s often difficult for businesses to issue prescriptions because of their multiple use. Although most doctors are trustworthy However, there are some doctors who might require a more magnifying glass on them. Don’t let this deter you from visiting an urgent medical facility. The majority of the time it is still able to get the treatment you require swiftly. nfbneol6i5.

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