How Is Cremation Jewelry Made? – Best Online Magazine

If your loved one has been cremated, you have another option to remember them by: cremation jewelry.

There are many ways for making cremation jewelry. Small containers that can hold the cremated remains in a safe manner when you wear it is the most basic form of jewelry. These pieces of jewelry include transparent vials as well as lockets made of metal.

Custom-made jewelry is made with the remains of cremated bodies. The subject of the video featured on this page has turned cremation jewelry her profession. The artist molds the remains of cremated bodies into custom designs and creates them into resin. Her clients can request practically whatever design they think best honors or represents the deceased person they love dearly.

Some crematories have jewelry available for cremation. There may be a limit on the number of pieces available if you choose to purchase the jewelry provided by the funeral home. But, the jewelry is still available when the ceremony was completed. Many people pick crematoria because of their options for custom urns and jewelry that they have received. cv68ifhwdn.

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