6 Whiskeys for the Beginner – Food Magazine

He reviews the different kinds of products that are easy to access and inexpensive for those interested in giving them the chance.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked is the only brand of Woodford Reserve whiskey is recommended by the speaker. He suggests that whiskey because the price is around $55 and is 90 proof. He describes it as having the maple and chocolate sugar scent. Also, it has a hint of vanilla scent which he believes it’ll become a favourite for anyone who is a novice consumer.

Old Forester 1910 is another whiskey brand the speaker mentions. This one is about $55 in price. It’s 93 proof, which is slightly heavier than the other. Additionally, it is a bit heavier in Char. It’s believed that the young drinkers will appreciate it because it’s sweet. The drink was thoroughly appreciated by the smell and taste tester. She thought that it was caramel in smell that was reminiscent of sweets. 2q9lkkadgj.

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