Learn How a Vision Disorder Can Affect Your Driving – Car Talk Podcast

Troubles driving may result from three main ailments: macular degeneration as well as the glaucoma.

Cataracts cause overall vision to be blurred and dull. Cataracts can make it difficult for drivers to discern the markings of lanes and pedestrians. A glare of headlights or sunlight can create vision problems.

Macular degeneration can affect central vision the most. People who can’t discern clearly what is in front of their car may be in danger of being blinded by the surroundings.

Glaucoma has the opposite effect as degenerating peripheral vision, which is what you observe on the sides. Glaucoma can make turning dangerous since the car ahead will not be visible to someone who has the condition.

Regular eye exams are recommended every year. If lenses for corrective purposes are needed on your driver’s licence, make sure you wear lenses that are corrective. Additionally, you could choose the alternative route of travel or attend a course for corrective driving. atp3ywt7dq.

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