An Overview of Central Heating and Cooling Units for Homeowners – Vacuum Storage

The central heating system and cooler units.

FREON, or COOLANT is a different term for refrigerant. It’s a chemical that has been mixed to make a cold material. This is the substance used in air conditioners to warm the outside of the home and to absorb the heat. The refrigerant is circulated through (central heating and cooling units) the inside and the exterior unit by the compressor of the outside unit. This is basically a pump.

When the fan is running, it draws air from the sides and pushes it towards the top. The refrigerant that is in the pipes is warmer than what is passing by the coils. This is why you’ll often feel hot whenever your hands come in contact with the top of the air condenser.

The refrigerant is cooled before returning to the house after passing through the outdoor coil. The refrigerant needs to go through a small hole before it can return to the inside. The metering device is effectively working against it by either depressurizing it or lowering the temperature. It then brings the refrigerant to a cold temperature, and then repeating the cycle. isrore1ux9.

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