Common AC Problems – Discovery Videos

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What are some typical issues that our AC has to face that require AC repairs? These are some things you need to learn.

1. Bad Capacitor

It is the most prevalent AC problem that each household and business encounters. The capacitor could burst, or crack, leading to the creation of dielectric grease.

2. Freon Units at a Lower Cost

ACs are permanently sealed systems. Thus, any freon present there should stay throughout the duration that the unit functions. Therefore, if there is a problem this is merely a sign that there’s an issue.

3. Plug Condensate Drain

Another AC problem that demands AC repairs is in the event that the AC is operating well however, there’s water leaks all over the place.

4. Bad Control Board

This happens when the thermostat needs cooling, and the control board stops sending electricity.

5. The Condenser Fan Motor is Burnt Out

This issue that needs ac repair is when you switch on the AC and the compressor will start running and the fan however does not operate. You’ll notice more air coming from the compressor, if it’s getting hot. This can cause damages to the circuit breaker. em3pj8fgog.

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